The Best 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth

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Do you want your startup to reach a large audience? Do you want to increase users, subscribers, and sign ups without exceeding the budget? Thinking outside the box and using inventive marketing methods are essential to your new business’s spectacular growth.

A recession hit various markets as 2022 ended and 2023 opened. Marketing budgets have been squeezed as a result, which has an impact on headcount, marketing initiatives, and martech solutions. But more than ever, intelligent marketing managers and executives understand the value of social media marketing.

It is projected that 4.89 billion people will use social media globally in 2023.

Given the current state of the economy, it may be more challenging to attract new clients while also, crucially, maintaining your current clientele. More than merely generating new leads, the goal is to support revenue growth on all fronts. To engage everyday consumers, attract new audiences, foster loyalty and trust (which leads to renewals, upsell and cross-sell growth, etc.), and accomplish a host of other goals, social media marketing will be essential.

Are you prepared to use social media marketing to grow your business? Now let’s get going!

social media marketing

Why is it Important to Market on Social Media?

Because social media is where consumers and buyers interact, marketing is more crucial than ever.

Recently, social media surpassed paid search as the most popular advertising channel, with YoY growth of 25% and revenue topping $137 billion, narrowly beating search’s $135 billion.

In essence, individuals are contacting one another for direction, counsel, knowledge, materials, and a lot more. Individuals who deliver all of that first establish themselves as authorities on the issue and prominent thinkers. Their viewpoints influence choices.

This post will review 10 unique marketing techniques to help you launch your business and see unheard-of success.

1. Select the Social Networking Platform 

social media marketing

Maintaining a steady presence on all social media platforms is beneficial, but it’s crucial to avoid overcommitting, especially as a tiny company with constrained funding.

Build a devoted following by concentrating your efforts on one or two channels. 

Knowing who your audience is can help you decide where to focus the majority of your social media marketing efforts.

It will assist you in selecting the platform most likely to appeal to that specific group. 

For instance, according to the most recent data, 34% of Twitter users are women, and 66% are male.

2. Pay Attention to Trends

When you’ve finished your main messaging, research current social media trends. Choose a popular strategy or pattern and match it to the central message of your brand. You can use it to increase engagement and take advantage of trends.

3. Win Over Customers of Rival Products

social media marketing

Find those utilising a competitive product now and are unhappy with the outcome. You can highlight the advantages and worth of your good or service by focusing on this particular group. Airbnb was able to effectively use this tactic by contacting individuals who had listed their accommodations on Craigslist.

Through a series of email campaigns that originated from a kind Craigslist user, Airbnb expanded its clientele and saw notable development. 

4. Optimise Your Facebook Page

Speaking of promotions and algorithm modifications, let’s talk about Facebook.

Some marketers are in full-blown panic mode due to Facebook’s recent statement that it will no longer prioritise brand content. Facebook accounts for 90% of all marketing platforms used globally. 

Although the update’s details are still unclear, and it will take some time for the changes to take effect, Facebook has offered guidance to firms who want to survive the new algorithmic storm.

  • Don’t Bait

Facebook firmly opposes social media marketing strategies they view as “engagement bait.” Overusing “tag-a-friend” and “like this post if you ____” content is one example of this, which Facebook views as little more than a cheesy attempt to manipulate their algorithm.

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Find those utilising a competitive product now and are unhappy with the outcome. You can highlight the advantages and worth of your good or service by focusing on this particular group. Airbnb was able to effectively use this tactic by contacting individuals who had listed their accommodations on Craigslist.

  • Check Your Connections

Building on our first strategy, firms that wish to appear realistically in their followers’ feeds should aim to post fewer links referring back to their websites.

For instance, Facebook actively promotes brands to share video content. As an alternative to link-based posts, text-based question posts, storytelling posts, and memes are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Try Out Some Ads

Brands have even more incentive to begin experimenting with Facebook’s ad platform because material classified as promotional is intentionally degraded or buried. Creative ad formats like carousel advertisements might be your best chance of being found rather than being completely shut out of potential customers’ feeds.

5. Rework Your Greatest Content

social media marketing

Marketers need a lot of content to fill up their social calendars based on our research on the optimum times to publish on social media.

To get the most out of your social media strategy, you must find ways to repurpose your content if you’re on a tight timeline or have limited resources. 57% of customers want to use a brand’s social media feed to learn about new goods and services.

For instance, the following are some contemporary social media strategies for expanding your content:

  • Create images worthy of sharing by including quotes and statistics from blog entries. Numerous free image creation programs are available to assist with this task.
  • Utilise case study data to spark a conversation or argument on Facebook or Twitter.

6. Assist Little Influencers

As an aside, never allow the number of followers someone has to determine their power. In actuality, focusing on specialised audiences can frequently be advantageous.

Izea data indicates that individuals are likely to trust smaller influencers than accounts with 100,000+ followers. AdWeek also points out that influencers with fewer followers—10,000 or less—have a greater engagement rate or followers divided by likes and comments.

Put another way, you shouldn’t ignore someone because they don’t have a large following. In actuality, the rise of influencer marketing is giving people with smaller audiences more clout.

7. Go Live

While it’s no secret that video content is popular, as social networks spotlight and add more live features, brands are attempting to push the limits of live video.

Facebook has clarified that, following their algorithm adjustment, marketers should utilise Facebook Live. They observe that interactions with real-time videos are six times higher than those with static videos.

There were over 300 million Instagram Stories users, and the number of live videos on the platform was still rising.

Live videos are captivating because, in contrast to YouTube videos or clips you may easily ignore for later, they are presented as must-see content. On the other hand, viewers weary of polished video content find a live stream’s raw feel invigorating.

8. In every post, include brands and influencers.

Almost all social networks now require tagging users, which is a surefire way to increase the visibility of your postings. A third of Instagram users’ time is spent on reels.

Instagram’s engagement rates have been declining steadily while being four times greater than Facebook’s (0.60% to 0.15%).

Posts that are tagged get more attention, much like posts that contain hashtags do. TikTok is the most widely used influencer marketing channel, with 56% of marketers using it.

Tactic tagging is a rapid way to reach a significant player in your field or someone whose audience you want to go to.

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9. Use Instagram’s Geotags

One of the most crucial social media marketing strategies for physical stores is geotagging, an enjoyable approach to growing your local Instagram following. According to 29% of marketers, Instagram will receive more investments in 2023 than any other platform.

In addition to demonstrating your company’s involvement in the neighbourhood, tagging your business’ location on Instagram encourages patrons to give you a positive review.

The option to geotag and curate customer images is a fantastic way to provide social proof if nothing else. People get a better idea of your brand’s personality and can tell at a look that you’re the real deal.

10. Consistently track and conduct a social media audit

It’s critical to monitor your social media activities and perform routine audits. It will enable you to identify what is effective and what requires development. Your social media analytics show you whether or not your strategy is effective, so be sure to monitor them.

Social media marketing solutions allow you to monitor brand mentions and see customer feedback regarding your goods and services. As your company expands, you must continuously monitor performance and make necessary adjustments. Every month, the average person switches between seven different social media platforms.

Social media usage among internet users is at an all-time high of 151 minutes daily.

Final Thought

These 10 distinctly unusual marketing techniques for big and small companies present fascinating chances to take your startup to previously unheard-of heights of expansion. You may create awareness, draw in a sizable audience, and position your startup as an industry thought leader by employing innovative and unusual strategies.

Try out these tactics, modify them to fit the unique requirements of your startup, and track the outcomes to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. You may position your startup for long-term market success and experience exponential development with the correct mix of creativity, innovation, and perseverance.


A social media technique is what?

An instrument for obtaining interaction on social media is a social media technique. You may raise revenue, site traffic, and brand exposure by implementing these strategies successfully.

What kind of material are you going to have to create?

Note the types of material you lack, the format you may like for your content, and the upcoming projects you will need to develop content for.

What is social media marketing?

Promoting a right or service utilising social media platforms and websites is known as social media marketing.

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