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Dear Business owners,

Are you facing the challenge of optimising your marketing budget and reducing the CPA CPC and CPL to maximise your returns?

Yes. We realise that in the  highly competitive digital market, where differentiating your business, attracting and retaining customers is an ongoing challenge.

Therefore, you’re actively seeking….

Something that makes your online marketing work smarter by reducing marketing budgets or improving ROI. So,

Motivated to see a boost in Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from your online advertising efforts?

Then listen carefully…

This page will lead you towards a directed business scalability and profitability approach

The Right- Approach to Google ADs. 

Yes. Google Ads is a fast, simple, guaranteed way to explode your sales…whether you run Google Display ads, Google Search ads and Google Performance Max ads
Here’s why:

Google ads are overtaking other mediums of marketing. Studies show that from 2008 onwards, there’s an upward trend of digital advertising in the UK and global markets simultaneously.   

DIGITAL ADVERTISING Expenditure in the united kingdom

(in billion GBP)

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DIGITAL ADVERTISING Spending worldwide from 2021 to 2026

(in billion U.S. dollars)

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Ready to kickstart explosive growth and unveil the true potential of your business with Google Ads? Book your FREE strategic Consultation (worth £1000).

Don’t Just Say “No to Google Ads” without understanding 4 Facts.

Business, Profits, ROI and Growth are results that demand in-depth understanding, reasoning and knowledge. On-time profitable deals can be flook or fate, but annual profitable growth can’t!

So my business mate,  first learn then decide.

In my experience, businesses sometimes dismiss Google Ads with the same haste as a recreational drug commercial, “Just Say No!”.

However, Google advertising is not inherently bad, and examining the facts is crucial before deciding to include it in your marketing strategy.

Four common reasons I’ve heard over the years, and provide you with the facts so you can make a more informed decision.

"I only want free traffic"

This is one of the most common objections to using Google Display ads, Google Search ads or Google Performance Max ads, but, much like the “I’m not a chicken, you’re a turkey” example, this response doesn’t hold water.

In reality, there’s no such thing as entirely FREE TRAFFIC!

Whatever platform you go for has its own cost regarding money, time, resources, credibility, and patience.

Accepting this fact helps you avoid being trapped in such myths: SEO traffic is free.

Cruel truth.  Only air is free, but it can’t ensure your business’s growth.

“Nobody clicks on those ads in Google"

It’s surprising to hear this response, considering that a significant portion of Google’s multi-billion-dollar revenue comes from Google Ads. In other words, Google generates billions of dollars from people clicking “those ads in Google.”

Clearly, people are clicking on these ads. Moreover, businesses continue to invest in them yearly, indicating that the ads are profitable. If businesses lost money, they would stop advertising, and Google’s revenue would decline.  World-famous publications are talking about it, its not just an assumption.  

"It's too expensive"

Finally, we come to a seemingly logical response, especially in industries where the cost per click can exceed $10. Initially, this may be costly.

It’s not usual to accept, but Google ads agency in UK or any country cost more because of prevalent ignorance about Google ads.

Let’s talk logic.

Viewing advertising not as an expense but as an investment is essential.

When investing in the stock market, you don’t limit yourself to stocks priced at $100 or less; you assess potential returns before making decisions.

The same approach applies to Google Ads. To estimate whether advertising on relevant keywords can be profitable, use this formula:

(Estimated sales conversion rates) x (Average value per customer) = Maximum cost per click

For instance, if you estimate a 2% conversion rate for prospects clicking your ad and your average customer value is $1,000, your maximum cost per click would be $20. If you can acquire clicks in Google Ads for less than $20, you’d be profitable with those estimates. At first, $10 per click may seem expensive, but only half the maximum you could invest.

Ready to kickstart explosive growth and unveil the true potential of your business with Google Ads? Book your FREE strategic Consultation (worth £1000).  

"I tried it already, and it didn't work"

The last common response is that Google Ads didn’t work when  “ I “ tried it.

Well.  This could be a valid reason, but validity depends largely on how you approach it.

From my experience, businesses haven’t set up their campaigns correctly and are wasting money needlessly.

If you’ve tried Google Ads before and it didn’t pay you back, I encourage you to review your campaign using our Google Ads Checklist.

Your campaigns weren’t set up properly, and you could embark on a profitable advertising campaign with a few adjustments.

Now stop finding yourself thinking…

  • “AdWords is too competitive,”
  • “AdWords is too expensive,” or even worse,
  • “Google AdWords doesn’t work for my business”?

These limiting beliefs could hold your business back while competitors literally feast on the low-hanging fruit.

AdWords is just one piece of the puzzle. When you shift your mindset, embrace learning, and tap into the tools we’re about to share, your business can experience explosive growth and profits.

These aren't just tips; they're proven secrets, undercover and  flip the tables in your favour:

  • Beneath Keywords Lies Your Profitable Path!”

Explore beyond keywords to reveal the hidden treasure troves of search terms and single keyword ad groups (SKAGs). Take control, boost relevance, and watch your costs plummet.

  • Maximise Profits, Not Just Clicks!

Forget the common metrics. Dive into Google’s Value Track Parameters to unearth high-converting keywords, and bidTurn your ads into irresistible click magnets. Harness curiosity, shock, benefit, fear, vanity, and self-interest to demand attention and drive action. boldly on the ones that truly matter.

  • Earnings Per Click(EPC) -The Key to Your Ad Success!

Beyond CPC, discover how much every click is worth. Calculate the average revenue per click and watch your profits soar.

  • Short Tail, Big Losses: Get the Match Right!

Don’t let short-tail keywords steal the spotlight from your long-tail gems. Perfect the match between your keywords and search terms for ultimate visibility.

  • Master CPA Bidding for Top Ad Rankings!

Master the art of CPA bidding. Understand the nuances between max CPA and target CPA. Dominate ad ranking factors for ultimate visibility.

  • Not All Conversions Are Created Equal!

Learn to differentiate between conversions that deliver lifetime customers, sales, and clicks. Customise your strategy to match their unique value.

  • CTAs Tailored to Every Visitor!

Tailor your CTAs to match visitor temperature precisely. Your customised approach will boost relevance, conversions, and profits.

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Ready to kickstart explosive growth and unveil the true potential of your business with Google Ads? Book your FREE strategic Consultation (worth £1000).   

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